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Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release


2010/9/28 Benjamin Cama <benoar@free.fr>
> Hi everyone,
> So, yaboot in debian is currently suffering from a lot of problems, and
> until now we were only talking about it. Here is some code to test it,
> now to really see what's still causing problems and what's solved.
> Here is the (temporary) place where you can find it :
> http://benoar.fdn.fr/yaboot/

I've downloaded, installad and rebooted (with) it without any problem. nice.

The only thing is I've used my own yaboot.conf file to run ybin.

I'll do further testings i get back to the list.

> It contains a .deb and the git repository I used to build it (beware,
> there's a lot of cruft in it caused by my experiments with git and
> debian packaging; I lack experience in both). It basically an up-to-date
> yaboot (1.3.16) + debian modifications from 1.3.13a (some were already
> integrated upstream) + Rogério Brito's debian packaging enhancements +
> some patches (namely Rick Thomas' quotes and spaces fix for latest
> linux-base, and the no /proc/ide fix (which IMHO fixes nothing
> interesting, but still)) + fixes of mine (mainly debian packaging).
> Everything should be "nicely" commited, and there's a separate branch
> with fixes but no debian stuff for upstream to pick up from
> (debian-yaboot) which was forked from repository's 1.3.13 (you'll see
> tags to get from here to the debian-1.3.13a version, then to this most
> recent debian-yaboot). The branch containing the full package stuff is
> debian-yaboot-packaging (yes, nothing standard) and master is actually
> the upstream (from ozlabs). And I forgot to merge the
> debian-yaboot-with-doc branch which contains the HTML documentation,
> please excuse me for that, it will be in the next one.
> If you want to build it yourself :
> git-buildpackage --git-upstream-branch=master \
>                           --git-debian-branch=debian-yaboot-packaging
> Still, I may have done some mistakes, and need advices on packaging (I
> tried to listen to lintian as much as possible).
> Please test it and report bugs/suggestions on this ML.
> Message to Aurélien: it would be nice if you could comment on this and
> help getting yaboot updated. Uploading that without you would be
> painfull, please answer to this email.
> Regards,
> benjamin
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