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Crosstools for Windows: MinGW or Cygwin?

Hello all,

Customer asked for possibility to port the current (Em)Debian
cross-toolchain (powerpc) to work under Windows.

I'm currently considering to port cross-tools to MinGW
(configuring them as --target=powerpc-linux --host=i586-mingw32msvc
--build=i386-linux), using the Debian MinGW cross-environment,
or using the Cygwin.

I know the Cygwin will work for sure, but now MinGW approcah seems to be
realistic, too - I played a little with old arm-cross port for MinGW and
I almost was able to build glib-1.20 here! (Manually, though.)

So know I'm puzzled what could be wrong with MinGW? Probably the
programming environment - it is not POSIX, but I see Python-mingw, and

Could it be possible to set-up a Debian-like build process under

(Again - I'm talking about cross-compilation environment, not the way to
build native Windows applications.)

Thanks is advance,


PS: Please reply to me directly - I'm not yet subscribed to Debian MLs.

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