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Re: driver for video card Rage M3 AGP


 I got similar issue with PowerMac G4 Cube, and I solved it by writing 
 /etc/X11/xorg.conf manually. I don't know why it doesn't determine 
 refresh rate automatically as well as PC...

 Anyway, xorg.conf file is below. Probably you don't need 1280x1024 resolutions,
 so commented it out. I hope it will help.

Section "Monitor"
       Identifier      "LCD"
       HorizSync       30-65
       VertRefresh     50-75
       Modeline        "1024x768" 64.11 1024 1080 1184 1344 768 769 772 795 -HSync +Vsync
#       Modeline        "1280x1024"  108.88  1280 1360 1496 1712  1024 1025 1028 1060  -HSync +Vsync

Section "Screen"
       Identifier      "Default Screen"
       SubSection "Display"
#               Modes "1280x1024"
               Modes "1024x768"
       Monitor         "LCD"

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