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Re: make-jpkg/java-package on unstable/experimental missing?

Hi All

Thanks everyone for the responses so far.

> On Apr 13 2010, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> > Anyone out there who knows what happened to the tool/package above on
> > ppc-Debian?
> Not only with ppc, but removed in general (the package is arch all).
> > Anything I missed?
> The announcement that it was removed from unstable.
> OTOH, some mightly important programs don't work with openjdk 

Iceweasel here is the candidate that doesn't have Java with openjdk
and that Icedt plugin.

So I installed the stable version of the java-package on unstable, and
tried to make-jpkg the IBM package


- sadly with no success: I could build the .deb package, with lots of
errors, but it seems its java didn't work. This might have to do with
either the fact that the stable (!) package does cover only a very old
and meantime unavailable IBM version, namely


or the fact that the unstable system here is only in parts updated to
latest package versions ..

If I have a little time I'll try to repeat the make-jpkg on a stable
Debian on a Ti-Book - I'll post to this thread when I have results
about it.

> (under powerpc, amd64 whatever).  One example is the Governmental
> program for taxes here in Brazil.
> It actually consists of two parts: one for declaration of taxes and
> another one for transmission.  The one for transmission (even when run
> from a single, bare jar file) doesn't work with opendjk, though it
> *does* work with sun-java-6.

I you were talking about the sun-java6-jre package I recommend keeping
it, if it works: It's latest version is un-installable on unstable ppc
currently, for "unmet" dependencies.

Thanks for all the responses, again ..

Best Regards

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