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Re: Adjust imac G3 monitor?

Hi Nicholas,

2010/4/14 Nicholas Chase <nick.nchase21@gmail.com>:
> Thanks for your answer, Gunther.  I'm still new,  could you (or anyone for
> that matter) please make that a bit more user friendly?  I understand that
> I'll have to "hold some packages", but I don't know how to do that.  I've
> tried editing the /etc/apt/sources.list before and it failed probably
> because I didn't hold those packages.  I run
> $ cat /etc/apt/preferences

I am holding packages that makes the monitor work better, not to make
squeeze work.

You should take a look at http://wiki.debian.org/Aptitude an try to
understand how debian upgrading works.

> and it says "no file found".  How do I hold packages?  Where can I find this
> in the documentation?

I guess issuing
$ man preferences
at a terminal could give you some indication too

> Thanks for your patience.  This computer is my
> Grandma's old computer that I rescued from an early grave with Debian, and
> I'm hoping to keep it as up-to-date as possible as long as possible.

That's great! No problem at all.

> I'm still hoping to find a way to adjust the monitor.  It's really crooked
> and doesn't use all the screen area.  Any Ideas, anyone?

For the screen area you could try


but sometimes I have to boot into MacOS 9 to fix monitor geometry
before booting into linux. I managed to install MacOS 9 in a 256MB
pendrive justo to fix sound and monitor geometry by the way.

> Nicholas Chase



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Gunther Furtado
Curitiba - Paraná - Brasil

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