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Re: Debian or ubuntu

Hej Jordan,

My experience is from a G5, but everyone with an Apple based computer is pretty much in the same lurch these days. Most things work fine in Debian Lenny PPC. The Debian team seems to do their best for us orphans, whereas Ubuntu sometimes has the feel of being a part-time project since it became a community effort. Gnash and swfdec are both terrible and the only way that you can view You Tube in a browser. Ubuntu hasn't even bothered to include these in the default Karmic PPC install. An alternative is to use Download Helper, a Firefox extension. Video otherwise works fine for me. So does audio. If you use Thunderbird/Icedove, there is a small issue with the Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar extensions in Debian. In general, you have to get used to first checking Synaptic/Aptitude for available Firefox/Iceweasel and Thunderbird/Icedove extensions, which is counter intuitive as per the way you normally add extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird, but the bonus is that you find PPC versions of some of the most popular and geeky extensions.

In my opinion, much has been done to try to make Debian PPC as good a distro as the PC version. Unfortunately, the same can't always be said for the Ubuntu Karmic PPC.

Here is the Ubuntu Karmic PPC URL in case you need it:


Jordan Force wrote:

I was considering putting Ubuntu on my ibook G4, and I was wondering: Would the setup for ubuntu be significantly easier than debian? I mean, would installing the system and getting things like wireless and sound to work be harder in Debian than Ubuntu?



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