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Re: debian 5 ppc boot


Marco van der Grient wrote:
>>>>>> Samy, hi, its a dual boot with mac osx (10.5); separated HD (one for
>>>>>> linux and one for apple). The machine is a 1,6 mhz single processor
>>>>>> type.
>>>>>> The machine is a 1,6 mhz single processor
>>> Rick, Samy,
>>> OK. Thanks for the help on this.
>>> My specs are:
>>> Apple alu tower, G5, single processor 1.6 Ghz with 2 gig memory.
>>> I am using two Hard Disks, one for linux and one for OS X. OS X is the
>>> seccond drive...
>>> Now the problem: if I install Debian (I used 5.0.4 and 4.0.r8),
>>> everything
>>> goes fine. Only when I reboot, with <alt>, I have to choose the HD to
>>> boot
>>> from: and nothing happens: no boot from OSX or Debian.
>>>  When I choose from the yaboot prompt, debian hangs at the seccond
>>> stage of
>>> loading the system... and then returns to the yaboot prompt...
>>> In order to boot OSX, I have to disconnect the Debian HD. If I do the
>>> same
>>> with debian (disconnecting OS X HD), theres no boot from Debian...
>>> Thats my situation.
>>> Cheers, Marco

i have a similar setup, but with only one harddisk. contrary to my
experience dualbooting debian and osx 10.4, i had to change yaboot.conf
to boot the booter partition that gets created when installing 10.5.

the other thing i can barely recall was that the strings in the yaboot
partition might get mixed up if one system is not on the primary drive.
(ie ofpath or similar did not provide correct values)
you can check for the correct settings if you mount the yaboot partition
and take a look there. if they are abviously wrong (compare with
'devalias' from open firmware), just change them to correct values. this
might be fixed meanwhile or not, i don't know.


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