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Re: debian 5 ppc boot

le 14/02/2010 17:58, marco van der grient a écrit:

Samy, hi, its a dual boot with mac osx (10.5); separated HD (one for
linux and one for apple). The machine is a 1,6 mhz single processor
The machine is a 1,6 mhz single processor
Yeaaah ! overclocked ? ;-)
G3, G4, G5 ?

Have you tried to boot with <alt> ? We can't imagine your actions.


Hi Marco,

Sammy's humor aside, it would be helpful if you could describe the machine a bit more. I don't happen to remember what type of machine is a "1,6" (G4? G5? deskside or laptop? maybe one of the "mini" models or an iMac?) and you didn't tell us the number of MHz (a typo, I assume) though that is less important than the processor type in diagnosing your problem.

In any case, try booting the machine with the Alt key held down. You will probably get a screen with several options of bootable partitions. Is your Debian installation listed there? If so, click on it then click on the -> arrow. It should boot. The "alt-boot" process takes some considerable time (a minute or two) to poll all the possible boot devices -- be patient!

Hope this helps!


PS: Please reply to the list. We're all interested in how you make out!
Rick, Samy,
OK. Thanks for the help on this.
My specs are:
Apple alu tower, G5, single processor 1.6 Ghz with 2 gig memory.
I am using two Hard Disks, one for linux and one for OS X. OS X is the seccond drive...

Now the problem: if I install Debian (I used 5.0.4 and 4.0.r8), everything goes fine. Only when I reboot, with <alt>, I have to choose the HD to boot from: and nothing happens: no boot from OSX or Debian. When I choose from the yaboot prompt, debian hangs at the seccond stage of loading the system... and then returns to the yaboot prompt...

In order to boot OSX, I have to disconnect the Debian HD. If I do the same with debian (disconnecting OS X HD), theres no boot from Debian...
Thats my situation.
Cheers, Marco

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