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Re: debian 5 ppc boot

This was a problem that I faced while installing MAC OS X on x86. But
the problem there
was the chipset was not supported. By G5 Do you mean Power Mac G5 or
Mac Pro. If it
is an Mac Pro the solution would be check the HAL for the hardisk.

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 3:34 PM, Marco van der Grient
<marcovandergrient@alice.nl> wrote:
>>> le 14/02/2010 17:58, marco van der grient a écrit:
>>>> Samy, hi, its a dual boot with mac osx (10.5); separated HD (one for
>>>> linux and one for apple). The machine is a 1,6 mhz single processor
>>>> type.
>>>> The machine is a 1,6 mhz single processor
>>> Yeaaah ! overclocked ? ;-)
>>> G3, G4, G5 ?
>>> Have you tried to boot with <alt> ? We can't imagine your actions.
>>> Samy
>> Hi Marco,
>> Sammy's humor aside, it would be helpful if you could describe the machine
>> a bit more.  I don't happen to remember what type of machine is a "1,6"
>>  (G4? G5? deskside or laptop? maybe one of the "mini" models or an iMac?)
>> and you didn't tell us the number of MHz (a typo, I assume) though that is
>> less important than the processor type in diagnosing your problem.
>> In any case, try booting the machine with the Alt key held down.  You will
>> probably get a screen with several options of bootable partitions.  Is your
>> Debian installation listed there?  If so, click on it then click on the ->
>> arrow.  It should boot.  The "alt-boot" process takes some considerable time
>> (a minute or two) to poll all the possible boot devices -- be patient!
>> Hope this helps!
>> Rick
>> PS: Please reply to the list.  We're all interested in how you make out!
> Rick, Samy,
> OK. Thanks for the help on this.
> My specs are:
> Apple alu tower, G5, single processor 1.6 Ghz with 2 gig memory.
> I am using two Hard Disks, one for linux and one for OS X. OS X is the
> seccond drive...
> Now the problem: if I install Debian (I used 5.0.4 and 4.0.r8), everything
> goes fine. Only when I reboot, with <alt>, I have to choose the HD to boot
> from: and nothing happens: no boot from OSX or Debian.
>  When I choose from the yaboot prompt, debian hangs at the seccond stage of
> loading the system... and then returns to the yaboot prompt...
> In order to boot OSX, I have to disconnect the Debian HD. If I do the same
> with debian (disconnecting OS X HD), theres no boot from Debian...
> Thats my situation.
> Cheers, Marco
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