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Re: Fan control ?

In connection with this......

1. Being at a remote site at the moment... any way to tell if the fan is on ?? (if I was standing next to it.. it would be dead- simple.... ;-) )

2. Anyone that has any experience with changing the powersupply fan for a quieter replacement in a Mystic, Medusa2(dual 450Mhz) or Snakebite(dual 500Mhz) ??

Den 09/09/2009 kl. 09.29 skrev José JORGE:

A Tuesday 8 September 2009 22:33:12, Niels S. Eliasen escreveu:
Hi Rogério
You ask ... correctly .. whether I really do net those services,,, and
yes! there are a few that can be stopped !
But the intention of using an old Powerbook was ..... as this _is_ a
mail-server, web-server and file-server..... that it would be quiet!

For such uses, you can even remove the fan ;-)

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