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Re: Lenny on Apple 9600 - noobie questions

On Jul 10, 2009, at 1:13 PM, Amit Uttamchandani wrote:

I assume that following Steve Allen's installation method would
install a basic version of Lenny, and I would then need to install
various additional software applications and drivers? Also, I would
additionally install things like Apache2, php5, mySQL, phpmyadmin,
etc., from package installers?

Yes, you do need to install additional applications. I don't think you
need additional drivers unless you install a hardware device that
requires proprietary firmwares, etc.

The lenny CD/DVD during install asks if you want to set up a mail
server, web server, file server. You can select these and it will
install the above software you mentioned. Although I am not too sure
which ones it chooses (e.g. for database mysql or postgres).

Thanks for the info. I've been plodding my way through the massive Debian-PowerPC Installation Guide and have yet to finish.

I guess the standard procedure must be to go ahead and try to install, then ask questions here when things don't go correctly?

I currently have 384 MB of RAM installed, but could increase it if
necessary. What would be a good amount of RAM to have installed?

Sounds like it is enough. But if you start using heavy window managers
with multiple simultaneous GUI apps, you might start seeing swaps.

Yes, I read that both Gnome and KDE require more RAM and a faster CPU than I have available. But I suppose I don't need a fancy desktop for a server.

I want to use a TRENDnet TEG-PCITXR (ver. A or ver 3.0R) Gigabit
Ethernet PCI NIC card. I do have the makefile and source files to
compile (Realtec) drivers for Linux kernel 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6,
although I don't understand the exact procedures to follow (at this
time). Has anyone used this NIC and drivers?

I guess I'll just have to try this and see how it works. Does anybody know when and how I would compile the driver for this?

I have several video cards to choose from:
IX3D Ultimate-Rez Rev 1.01 (8 MB)
Twin Turbo 128M8 Rev 3.6 (8 MB)
Twin Turbo 128M/M2 Rev 3.7 (4 or 8 MB ?)
Twin Turbo 128M8A Rev 3.8.1 (8 MB)
ATi Nexus 128 (32 MB)
ATi Radeon 7000 Mac Edition (32 MB)
Are any of these video cards known to be a problem?

I use an ATI Radeon Mobility (8MB) VRAM. No problems so far.

When searching through the archives for this list, I saw many people having problems with the Twin Turbo cards. Hopefully, this has been fixed by now.

I have several PCI SCSI cards to choose from:
Adaptec AHA-3940UWD
Adaptec AHA-2940U2W/Mac
Adaptec AHA-2930CU2W/Apple 2 Mac
Are any of these SCSI cards known to be a problem?

Not sure, but probably not.

Another "try it and find out" situation I guess.

I would assume that I could install Lenny and its applications in
its own partition, then have my file server data and web server data
on a separate SCSI drive or drives? Could the data drives be set up
as software RAID 1 (mirror) in Lenny?

Yes you can do that.

I finally found the section in the Installation Guide about hard drive strategies, partitioning, RAID, etc. Looks like I've got a LOT of reading to do before I should even think about installing Debian. :-)

Good luck.


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