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Lenny on Apple 9600 - noobie questions

Hello. Sorry for all of the noobie questions.

I would like to set up Debian Lenny as a file and web server on my LAN, on an Apple 9600. I have read, think I understand, and plan to follow Stephen Allen's wonderful "How-To on installing Debian Linux on an Old World Macintosh PowerPC," using BootX and the files linked to in the article (mini.iso, initrd.gz, vmlinux). Thanks Steve!

I assume that following Steve Allen's installation method would install a basic version of Lenny, and I would then need to install various additional software applications and drivers? Also, I would additionally install things like Apache2, php5, mySQL, phpmyadmin, etc., from package installers?

The 9600 is currently running a Sonnet G4 400 MHz, but I can revert back to the original 604e 300 MHz if necessary, or install an XLR8 G3 350 MHz. Are any of these CPU options known to be a problem?

I currently have 384 MB of RAM installed, but could increase it if necessary. What would be a good amount of RAM to have installed?

It has a Matsushita CR-8024 (CR-508) SCSI CD-ROM drive, which I would assume shouldn't pose a problem.

I want to use a TRENDnet TEG-PCITXR (ver. A or ver 3.0R) Gigabit Ethernet PCI NIC card. I do have the makefile and source files to compile (Realtec) drivers for Linux kernel 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6, although I don't understand the exact procedures to follow (at this time). Has anyone used this NIC and drivers?

I have several video cards to choose from:
IX3D Ultimate-Rez Rev 1.01 (8 MB)
Twin Turbo 128M8 Rev 3.6 (8 MB)
Twin Turbo 128M/M2 Rev 3.7 (4 or 8 MB ?)
Twin Turbo 128M8A Rev 3.8.1 (8 MB)
ATi Nexus 128 (32 MB)
ATi Radeon 7000 Mac Edition (32 MB)
Are any of these video cards known to be a problem?

I have several PCI SCSI cards to choose from:
Adaptec AHA-3940UWD
Adaptec AHA-2940U2W/Mac
Adaptec AHA-2930CU2W/Apple 2 Mac
Are any of these SCSI cards known to be a problem?

I would assume that I could install Lenny and its applications in its own partition, then have my file server data and web server data on a separate SCSI drive or drives? Could the data drives be set up as software RAID 1 (mirror) in Lenny?

Again, I'm sorry for dumping all of these questions at once. Obviously, I trying to plan out a strategy and determine if I can accomplish what I envision, using the hardware I currently have.

Thanks in advance for any and all info, comments and suggestions.

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