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Re: debian lenny installation on an ibook g4 keeps freezing

Some updates:

This is a very dust free machine on the inside. No air ports are being blocked, and I've pointed an external fan to blow at the rear vents. I've confirmed that the internal fan still works as well. Still freezes.

I've also downloaded the debian netinstall cd, which has frozen the last two times I tried it. It was not even able to get past setting up dhcp.

I had someone try to boot OS X tiger via firewire drive which also froze at the 'apple' screen with a little counter that just keeps spinning.

I have also tried holding option+command+p+r as well as booting into openfirmware (option+command+o+f) and doing each of the following:

reset-nvram, set-defaults, reset-all

It also tells me when it loads the partioner that my drive has multiple logic sectors for each physical sector & that this is for experimental use only. I am not sure if that makes any difference.

2009/6/18 Amit Uttamchandani <amit.uttam@gmail.com>
On Thu, 18 Jun 2009 15:06:25 -0400
"Tomislav V. Butkovic" <tomislav.butkovic@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Thank you all for the timely reply.
> >Based on my experiences the freezing
> >probably is because of overheating. If the CPU over heats, that is
> >the main cause of freezing. Do you hear the fans kick in during
> >installation or does it remain off?
> It sounds likes the fans are on. The ventilation port where the hinge
> is is not blocked, neither is the one next to the hard drive. If it is
> overheating, how would I go about fixing this?

So far it still sounds like a CPU overheating problem.

You can reduce the CPU speed to avoid overheating. I forget the exact
command but I will post again when i find out.

Also, try placing an electric fan near the vents so cool air will be
blown in. It could also be that there is a lot of dust blocking the

In the meantime, try to get a minimal debian install up and running.
This usually takes less than 15 minutes. In that time frame the CPU
will probably not overheat.

-tomislav v. butkovic

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