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Re: Sound not working on PowerPC Macs?

Rick Thomas wrote:
> Adding snd-powermac to /etc/modules gets rid of the errors at boot time 
> from /etc/init.d/alsa-utils.
> But it doesn't fix the "no sound" problem.
> Adding snd-aoa instead of snd-powermac doesn't get rid of the error  
> messages and doesn't fix the "no-sound" problem, either.

That's obviously not the only module you're missing.
It would help if you could give some more details, e.g. what PowerPC
machine is it, which release are you using, etc.
I personally use snd-aoa (and some other modules) on my iBook G4
(PowerBook6,7) running unstable; snd-powermac worked for me couple
of years ago, but not the last time I tried it.



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