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Re: Want to install lenny on older Powerbook G4 mac

sábado, 16 de maio de 2009,
Mark Hoff <mark_hoff@mac.com> escreveu:

>Thank you so much Rogerio for the response.
>Just to clarify about the router:
>- I have access to a wireless router, but not to the physical device,
>   hence no wired internet access.
>- I have two Windows computers that can connect to the wireless router,
>   which uses the WPA protocol.
>   Machine A is a Windows Vista notebook computer, and I do not have
>   administrator access to it.
>   Machine B is a Windows 7 notebook computer, and I have full access
> to it.
>It would be really great if I could find out how to
>use the Window 7 computer's [Dell D510] wireless internet connection,
>along with that computer's wired ethernet connection (RJ-45)
>to share the internet connection to the Powerbook.
>I have found many sources that will tell me how to use a Powerbook
>as the primary internet connection, and then pass it the direction I
>don't need to, to the Dell.

Can you do this using a linux LiveCD?



Gunther Furtado

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