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Do my packages work?

Hello there,

I've finally managed to get my RS/6000 Model 43 up and running unter
Debian Lenny.  If I find some time, I'll do a write-up of my experiences
for my blog.

After some looooong compile sessions (256MB RAM is not enough for
linking C++ binaries...) I've built some powerpc-packages for my
Debian repository.

As this is my first time on an architecture other than x86 I don't
know which problems could arise (e.g. from different subarchitectures).

    Could anybody with a Mac or some other non-antique PPC have a look
    at the packages and tell me if they work for him?

The repository is here:

A quick test of hugin, libpano13 and enblend would be nice.
Added bonus: hugin and libpano are newer versions than in Sid :-)

Thanks in advance!

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