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Re: Do my packages work?

Hi, Christian.

On May 16 2009, Christian Garbs wrote:
> Hello there,
> I've finally managed to get my RS/6000 Model 43 up and running unter
> Debian Lenny.  If I find some time, I'll do a write-up of my experiences
> for my blog.

It would be nice if we could collaboratively maintain installation
tutorials for the various flavours of powerpc so that we can integrate
them into the user manual.

> After some looooong compile sessions (256MB RAM is not enough for
> linking C++ binaries...) I've built some powerpc-packages for my
> Debian repository.

Well, I have one powerpc that has only 64MB and it is fixed (no more, no
less RAM). Compiling things on it is a bit hard, but it does its job

> As this is my first time on an architecture other than x86 I don't
> know which problems could arise (e.g. from different
> subarchitectures).

I can guarantee you that working with non-x86 is a lot of fun, really.

> The repository is here:
> http://www.cgarbs.de/stuff/deb-repository.html

Why are you packaging rtorrent?

Isn't the version in sid enough? I am the maintainer of both libtorrent
and rtorrent. If anything of it doesn't work, it would be best to have
Debian's (and upstream's) versions corrected.

Please, do consider the fact that we have an active maintainer of these
packages (actually, a team of 3 people maintaining it).


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