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X Windows Screen Size Issue

I am running Debian on a PowerMac 8500/120, and because of hardware limitations, have been trying to run the lightest GUI desktop possible. I used "apt-get install xorg icewm" to successfully install those programs. icewm will run on the machine, but I am frustrated by being unable to get the desktop to fill the monitor screen. I have run dpkg-reconfigure xserver xorg, and I have edited the xorg.conf file in an attempt to resolve this problem, but still it remains.

To give further (hopefully useful) information, the CLI does fill the screen, as does Mac OS 9 (I have been using it to boot in 1024x768 at a refresh rate of 74.9). I am using a Sony CPD 17sfII monitor. Information that I have edited in the xorg.conf file includes monitor specific horizontal and vertical refresh rates, adding 1280x1024 resolution to Screen/Display/Modes, and adding a DisplaySize line to the Monitor section. None of this has done anything to change the size or appearance of the desktop.

As a final bit of information, the video driver on this machine is whatever Apple included standard when it built this machine, because of this, I did not know which driver to select during configuration, and used "fbdev" as it was the default driver selected by the configuration program.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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