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Re: NIC bonding on pSeries with dual VIOS

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 07:30:52PM +0100, Frank Fegert wrote:
> Errors on 'ifup bond3':
>     bonding: bond3 is being created...
>     bonding: bond3: setting mode to balance-alb (6).
>     bonding: bond3: Setting ARP monitoring interval to 3000.
>     bonding: bond3: ARP monitoring has been set up, but no ARP targets have been specified.
>     bonding: bond3: adding ARP target
>     bonding: bond3: Adding slave eth6.
>     bonding: bond3: Error: dev_set_mac_address of dev eth6 failed! ALB mode requires that the base driver support setting the hw address also when the network device's interface is open

Ahhh thanks.  I'll poke at this from the kernel side and see if this is an
omission or a design limitation.

Yours Tony

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