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Re: X Windows Screen Size Issue

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009 22:47:17 -0600
Amos Stibolt <a.skybolt@cox.net> wrote:
> As a final bit of information, the video driver on this machine is  
> whatever Apple included standard when it built this machine, because  
> of this, I did not know which driver to select during configuration,  
> and used "fbdev" as it was the default driver selected by the  
> configuration program.
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
> Amos

First of all which version of Debian did you install?

Second, the fbdev driver basically means you are not using any sort of
hardware acceleration which slows down X considerably.

Also, it is important to find out which video driver you are using. You
can use the 'lspci' command or 'lshw' if you have that installed. From
that point you can find out the graphics card information and use the
correct driver for X.

Please post back the above info and don't worry there are many people
here who can help you :)

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