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Re: Fine tuning iMac G3 400 + Rage 128 + 1-button mouse

2009/2/12 urpion urpion <urpion@linuxwaves.com>:
>   Thanks Risto.  I have a very slow loading, but very fuctional gdm and gnome desktop, using the r128 driver with "UseFBDev" option on. But I can't use the HW accelleration. Hence the slow loading I suppose. Can it be made to work somehow?

Good question. I read r128 man page, and it looks like "UseFBDev" is
set by default on PowerPC platforms. And "NoAccel" is off. Which means
that it's working on my iMac. What do you get with:

cat /proc/device-tree/model; echo

PowerMac2,1, I assume. Mine is 2,2, which has a bit different graphics
chip. I doubt the slowness depend of graphics acceleration. How much
main RAM do you have?

>        Option          "SWcursor"      "on"
>        Option          "NoAccel"       "on"

These differ from my settings. And I'm using DefaultDepth 24. Was the
"SWcursor" needed?

> ... I remember reading somewhere (maybe on this list?)that the "ChipID" was needed.
> I don't how to find this or "MemBas" or "IOBas". Can this xorg.conf be improved?

Those only affect the auto-probing, which already seems to work, as
the chip is found.

> ... which works, accept I don't seem to have an "Fn apple" key for the middle click.

You can find appropriate key codes in the console with showkey. I use:

# Emulate the middle mouse button with KP= and the right with KP/.
dev/mac_hid/mouse_button_emulation = 1
dev/mac_hid/mouse_button2_keycode = 117
dev/mac_hid/mouse_button3_keycode = 98

which works on most older keyboards, even those oldest not having function keys.


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