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RE: IBM JS21 Blade and debian-40r6-powerpc-netinst.iso


    Status report....

    I booted the machine with the rescue64 kernel and edited the /etc/inttab default boot to 1 (single user).

    The debian LPAR will now boot and the the JS21 / IVM console can communicate with the debian partition - over the IVM Serial console.

    - we edited the /etc/inittab and uncommented the line "T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttys0 9600 vt100
    - /etc/securetty    - - - we have an entry ttys0 (and it is already uncommented )

    Now - when we do an init 2, the machine will begin going into run level 2 and it will hang in the same spot....

    HOWEVER... we know that the OS is not locked up because we now see these messages on the console (every 5 minutes)

    INIT: id "T0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes. ( again - this occurs after enabling t0 in the inittab. )

with regards to : please send us the full kernel log

    Im not sure what file your looking for - but will send it ---  if someone can explain what file you want to look at.

Thanks - Dave O.

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