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Re: What is pbbuttonsd used for nowadays?

On 31. jan.. 2009, at 22.20, Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:

E.g. is pbbuttonsd's cpu throttling similar to what cpufreqd/ powernowd
do or does it work differently?  What about the comparison with the
kernel's "ondemand" scaling governor (tho this doesn't work on my G4, so it's maybe not a relevant question)? What happens if two of them are
installed at the same time?
Non issue, leave it to the kernel

I do not know what you mean.  Are you saying "pbbuttonsd's cpu
throttling functionality is useless, use the `ondemand' governor to let
the kernel take care of it"?

No, not useless. Still i like easy and functions further up the tree if you catch my drift

If so, it doesn't apply to the G4 since the G4 isn't able to switch
frequency quickly enough for the kernel's scaling governors to be used.

Ok, i'll be sure to let my computer know that.

How does pbbuttonsd's hard-disk power save compare to the usual
laptop-mode thingy?
Also a kernel thingy

Actually, not only: the kernel provides ways to save power, but how and
when to use them is generally under the control of userspace tools.

You sure want to confuse the discussion with minor importances. Want to discuss X' mouse handling to?

But IIUC you're saying that pbbuttonsd's hard-disk power saving
functionality is made redundant by laptop-mode?

No. I still like easy and functions to be handeled as early as possible making me run less annoying program and daemons

Is it also the case that pbbuttonsd makes laptop-mode redundant?

Now you are fetching straws to discuss boring subjects

For someone like myself who uses Debian on a variety of platforms, it'd
help me figure out how best to adapt my generic Debian config.
For the sake of EASY handling of button functions... There shines pbbuttonsd

I believe you. But I don't know what "buttons" you're talking about, nor do I know what is their "function". And I'm not even sure what you mean
by "EASY" (tho I guess you mean "without any manual configration").

Manual configurations is ok.
Still, changing the light with proc or whatever with numbers 1-255 is kinda stupid. Btw now you come out as somewhat a bit dense. You've read the posts on this current topic you started? Apt-get install pbbuttonsd once is easy and every little marking and symbol on my keyboard works


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