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External iSight with PowerBook G4

I searched the mailing list archives for reports on how to get iSight
working on Linux. Most of the solutions start out by using the
application 'Coriander' to test if it can display video from the
camera. And then the next step is to get it to work with Ekiga.
However, I am still stuck with 'Coriander'.

I get the following error when trying to start from ISO control:

"ISO transmission refuses to start"

After trying it several times I get a segfault with the following error

libdc1394 error: RAW1394 failure: in
dc1394_video_get_supported_framerates (control.c, line 594): Could not
get supported framerates

The dmesg output when I plug in the iSight is:

[ 2466.157624] ieee1394: Node changed: 0-01:1023 -> 0-00:1023
[ 2466.157659] ieee1394: Node suspended: ID:BUS[0-00:1023]
[ 2471.237650] ieee1394: Node changed: 0-00:1023
-> 0-01:1023 
[ 2474.440939] IEEE 1394 device has ROM CRC error
[ 2474.441029] ieee1394: Node resumed: ID:BUS[0-00:1023]

The following is the output of 'lsmod | grep 1394'

video1394              19388  0 
raw1394                28424  0 
ohci1394               35888  1 video1394
ieee1394               91584  4 sbp2,video1394,raw1394,ohci1394

Any ideas?


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