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Debian on a Thinkpad Power Series 820


I'm trying to install Debian on a Thinkpad Power Series 820 machine PReP architecture with a 603e PowerPC processor, with no luck at the moment.

So far, I've tried to boot the 4.0_r5 install CD, but the laptop hangs while booting.  It does show the "IBM ThinkPad Power Series" logo with audio sounds.  Then the CD drive starts to work as if it was booting from the CD.  After a while the "Power Series" logo disappears from screen... and nothing else happens.  The drive stops reading and the machine hangs.  Currently, the laptop is running AIX 4.2.1 without any problems.

I've gone through the Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC PReP Page, but I haven't been able to follow the instructions described.

Could somebody point me info on installing Debian on this machine?  Or maybe info on debugging boot problems with 4.05r install CD?  I don´t know how to get those messages, which I assume it is spitting somewhere.

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