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Re: xrandr and dvi output

Gerfried Fuchs a écrit :
> 	Hi!
>  I recently got an external monitor that has DVI input. Was quite nice,
> before I only had an VGA screen. Though, the VGA screen worked
> perfectly: I was able to enable the external monitor at any time with
> xrandr, enabling it, disabling it, whatever.
>  With the DVI screen I now have the problem that xrandr is able to
> detect it, but not really enable it. Well, it /claims/ that it enables
> it, growing the screen layout to the appropriate size, but it doesn't
> display anything. It only works after a fresh reboot when the external
> monitor was plugged. After a suspend of the system and awaking it again
> the external monitor isn't possible to get any output anymore.
>  Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone what might be the
> problem with sleep mode here, not able to turn on DVI output properly
> anymore?
>  Any hints more than welcome, thanks in advance!
> Rhonda

Hi Rhonda!
Where you at the debconf8? You've a powerbook if you're the Rhonda of
the debconf :).  I don't know if you remember we had a few beers
togethere with Jacob, Antoine and Anne, I'm Sébastien from Montréal.

  I've a powerbook (aluminium) and I experimented a similar problem with
an external DVI monitor. VGA monitor works fine.  I resolved it using
radeontool. There is a referrence
maybe it leads you to a solution...  I can't find the documentation that
I used to solve the issue.

have a nice day,


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