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[Fwd: libfreevec benchmarks]

This may be interesting for those concerned about PPC vs. x86

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Benh suggested that I made this more known, and in particular to this list, so 
I send this mail in hope that some people might be interested. In particular, 
I ran the following benchmarks against libfreevec/glibc:


libfreevec has reached a very stable point, where me and a couple of others 
(the OpenSuse PowerPC port developer being one) have been using it for weeks 
(personally I've been using it for months), using the LD_PRELOAD mechanism (as 
explained here: 
The OpenSuse guys even consider using it by default on the ppc port even, but 
that's not final of course.

glibc integration _might_ happen if glibc developers change their attitude (my 
mails have been mostly ignored).

Last, I've also been working on a libm rewrite, though this will take some 
time still. I've reimplemented most math functions at the algorithm level, eg. 
so far, most functions achieve 50%-200% speed increase at full IEEE754 
accuracy (mathematically proven, soon to be published online) without using 
Altivec yet, just by choosing a different approximation method (Taylor 
approximation is pretty dumb if you ask me anyway).


Konstantinos Margaritis
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