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Re: Suggestions for running Mac OS 9.0.1 on debian-x86-64

Just for the record, here's my current status:

I wrote:
it seems there are three possibilities now:

- run linux with MOL under pearpc, and Mac OS 9 under MOL

I couldn't get linux under pearpc to run, also as I said the version in Debian is compiled for 64 bit and thus doesn't use the JIT so is (manpage) "about 500 times slower than the host", also general consensus seems that it's not very stable (yet), so I gave up on this route.

- run linux with MOL under qemu, and Mac OS 9 under MOL

qemu is a hell of a difficult beast with powerpc. Any and all of my attempts to get to run linux under qemu-system-ppc have failed, and after much research (google, forum, #qemu) I found this post:

where people agree that actually only linux compiled for *prep* works (!!), thus you need a custom kernel, which someone packaged up with a debian image, linking to:
which indeed works.

So when I get the energy to proceed I'll try to build (maybe cross-compile) a powerpc prep kernel patched with MOL (hmm *will MOL on prep even work?*).

- run SheepShaver

Maybe not the worst idea after all and worth a try.

So long,

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