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Re: Etch on G5: Yaboot problem still persists

Please, Steven, don't top-post.

On Jun 09 2008, Steven DuBois wrote:
> ofpath just shows a colon and sdb# after /disk@0: (ofpath /dev/sdb2
> shows /disk@0:2)

Great that now you are not mounting the disk anymore. :-)

> mac-fdisk /dev/sdb shows the following
> /dev/sdb
>         #                      type name                length   base           ( size ) sytem
> /dev/sdb1       Apple_partition_map Apple                   63 @ 1              ( 31.5k) Partition map
> /dev/sdb2           Apple_Bootstrap untitled              1954 @ 64             (977.0k) NewWorld bootblock
> /dev/sdb3                 Apple_HFS Untitled         304968688 @ 15204352       (145.4G) HFS
> /dev/sdb4           Apple_UNIX_SVR2 untitled          14445313 @ 2018           (  6.9G) Linux native
> /dev/sdb5           Apple_UNIX_SVR2 swap                757021 @ 14447331       (369.6M) Linux swap
> /dev/sdb6                Apple_Free Extra                   16 @ 320173040      (  8.0k) Free space
> So i chanaged yaboot.conf to say device=/disk@0:2 and i tried :4, but
> neither worke

I think that the device has to omit the last part (after the colon), as,
if I understand things correctly, the first bootable partition (which
should be the one that ybin manipulates) is used.

Just a quick check here: you are using ybin after performing changes to
yaboot? I don't think that this is strictly necessary, but it doesn't
hurt to do (as root) "ybin -v". :-)

Unfortunately, if you are booting with an live disk, the names of the
partitions may have changed... :-(

Anyway, you can probably, once booted with the live disk, see the open
firmware tree under /proc and discover there the name to which disk is
an alias.

Anyway #2, booting into open firmware and issuing a devalias would be a
good thing.

Regards, Rogério Brito.

P.S.: I just got this thread in the middle. What *precisely* is your
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