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Re: Etch on G5: Yaboot problem still persists

On Sun, Jun 08 2008, at 17:17 -0400, Steven DuBois wrote:
> I did try ybin -v and it ran fine. Should i try to change the device to what you have? I 
> have a Dual 1.8Ghz Power Mac G5.

There's a tool on Debian called ofpath.

It finds you the correct Openfirmware path to your bootstrap partition.

As you can't boot into Debian (right?) I'd recommend your Debian
install CD (changing to a console there with <ALT>-F{1,2,3,4?}) or
some powerpc LIVE CD/DVD (Ubuntu?) to run this tool.

*** 1:

I'd run mac-fdisk first for the disk (dev/hda ?) where Debian is to be
installed and type 'p'. This shows me the Apple_Bootstrap partition.

*** 2:

Now running "ofpath /dev/<name of the Bootstrap partition from step 1>" should find
the Openfirmware path to the bootstrap partition

Provided I didn't miss anything ... :)

Best Regards


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