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Re: Dual Boot Mac Os 9 and Debian PPC

A Monday 26 May 2008 22:40:46, Risto Suominen escreveu:
> Maybe Mac OS wants to be in the first HFS partition (the yaboot
> partition is also HFS). Or maybe it remembers its partition number,
> and the number changes during Linux installation. You can still mount
> your Mac OS partition from within Linux? What about Open Firmware, can
> you see your partitions from there? F. ex. (partition 10):
> dir hd:10,\

I tried to remove all created partitions in Debian , then reboot, it still 
cannot boot. This has taken the Mac partition from 12 to 9, and I can still 
view it in OpenFirmware.

Boot with the option key still shows me the MacOs partitions, with the smiling 
head that means system files are there...

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