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Re: Dual Boot Mac Os 9 and Debian PPC

A Monday 26 May 2008 22:40:46, Risto Suominen escreveu:
> Maybe Mac OS wants to be in the first HFS partition (the yaboot
> partition is also HFS). Or maybe it remembers its partition number,
> and the number changes during Linux installation. You can still mount
> your Mac OS partition from within Linux? What about Open Firmware, can
> you see your partitions from there? F. ex. (partition 10):
> dir hd:10,\

Yes, the partition number is changed : from 10 it goes to 12.

I can see it with " dir hd:12,\ ", an dmount it from Linux.

I found out that if I only create the 3 new partitions then reboot, I can 
still boot macos9. Then I tried to go further in the installation, and it 
could not boot anymore.

You suggest MacOS may want to be the first HFS partition, I have tried to put 
it first on the disk and it didn't change anything.

I'm really wondering if anyone else on this list has an example as partition 
table that works. The two ones : before Debian install, and after.

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