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PowerMac 9500 + etch = no boot to hard drive

I have installed etch onto a Powermac 9500 using boot
x & the specified kernel - initrid & install .iso on a
USB stick.
The installer ran successfully other than failing to
install quick (expected) & exited normally. This is
where my problems start.  I reset bootx to boot to my
root partition (boot=/dev/sdc3) & clicked "linux".
After the boot i was greeted with this message at end
of boot messages.

Cannot open root device "root=/dev/sdb3)or unknown
block (0,0)
Please append correct "root=" boot option; here are
available partitions
0200   1440  fd0 (driver?)
kernel panic - not syncing VFS; unable to mount root
fs on unkown block (0,0) 
reboot in 180 seconds 
I have at least succeded in getting into rescue mode
in the installer & mounting the root file system so i
do know it is there. Unfortunately i know very little
about how to rescue a linux box.

The machine in question has  these drives:
500 MB SCSI ID 0  (mac OS9)
2.0 GB  SCSI ID 2 (contains linux partitions)
CDROM SCSI ID 3 (8x apple cdrom drive)

The 2.0 gig drive is partitioned with mac driver,
/boot, /root & SWAP partitions according to the guided
partitioning selection in the installer.

Can anyone give me an idea where to go from here??

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