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Re: Radeon / PowerPC (iBook G4) / Help sought with weird colorization of External LCD

Hi Michel

Michel Dänzer wrote:
It looks like xcalib uses the XFree86-VidModeExtension extension, which
Yeah I can confirm that.
only exposes a single CLUT for each X protocol screen. RandR 1.2 exposes
the CLUT of each CRTC individually, see the *CrtcGamma* requests
in /usr/share/doc/x11proto-randr-dev/randrproto.txt.gz . It looks like
the xrandr utility doesn't expose them yet though, so it/xcalib/...
would need to be extended/adapted for them.
Any change to the internal LCD profile affects the external monitor too.
And the colours on the external monitor are pretty funky!
Even without playing with gamma at all? If that's with Option "MacModel"
"ibook", you should probably file a bug at http://bugs.freedesktop.org
or post to the xorg-driver-ati@lists.x.org mailing list.

Yeah trying to use the external monitor "out-of-the-box", so to speak,
is not great. Much worse than it was with the original Etch drivers.
While they suffered from just a little bit of pink and green on white and
very light gray, respectively, the new drivers are resulting in a *really*
washed-out look.

I've been looking at some alternative ways to do dual-head like
xdmx, synergy, xmove and the like. Probably go with one of these
since the signal from my Toshiba's Nvidia card is quite good/compatible
with my monitor.

Thanks for all your assistance. I'll look into filing a bug as you

Have a good one.


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