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Re: Radeon / PowerPC (iBook G4) / Help sought with weird colorization of External LCD

On Sat, 2007-10-13 at 13:10 +0900, Jarrod @ HappyAtJamos wrote:
> I added the following:
> deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian sid main contrib non-free
> deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian experimental main
> to my sources.list and installed with apt-get but this only brought in
> 1:6.7.194-1.
> Is this sufficient or do you really recommend 195-1? If so, how do I
> get it?

6.7.194 should be sufficient, otherwise you can build 6.7.195 from
source. Unfortunately, the powerpc autobuilder for experimental tends to

> 2) Dual Head Fails
> Secondly, I can no longer get a dual head X going.
> X bails with the message:
> "Requested Entity already in use!"

The driver no longer supports traditional ("Zaphod" style) dualhead
configurations but just RandR 1.2. See
http://bgoglin.livejournal.com/9846.html or
http://www.intellinuxgraphics.org/dualhead.html .

> 3) Colour Update
> The colours definitely seem wrong. I can calibrate fine on a Toshiba
> laptop (running an Nvidia card).
> And fine under OS X on the ibook. Do you know if the Radeon card has a
> programmable white point? 

It has arbitrarily programmable CLUTs, just like any modern GPU should.

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