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Re: ibook dying

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007 05:20:16 +0200, Mauro wrote:

> Hi guys, my ibook g3 is about to die anytime,

Congratulations, your iBook's Logic Board just got hosed.
You can try to fix it by yourself following this guide:


But it's far from a fool-proof solution.

To make sure it is actually this the problem, try booting your iBook by 
pressing vigourously the case on the right to the trackpad. If you see 
improvements it's definitely that.

I suggest you boot it in target mode, copy all your data and then embark 
in the repair. I did it (you find a couple of pictures of my setup in the 
forum thread on page 3) and it did work, but I got rid of the things 
short after.

Good luck!

Best Regards, Jack
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