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ibook dying

Hi guys, my ibook g3 is about to die anytime,
when i turn it on, i can hear the sound, but then i got no display
(thou sometimes i can boot and i use it for about 10 mins)

i just copied everything in /var/log
could anyone tell me in which file should i look for hardware errors
or something?

btw, when i turned on a min ago, i had to reconfigure the hour/day
because i had it configured to be in 1904.. may be that could be the
reason why this ppc is not working fine?

any advices will be appreciated

Version: 3.12
GCM/O d->dpu$ s-:- a-->a+++$ C+++
LU P+ L++ E W+++ N !o K w O !M !V
PS+ PE Y+ PGP t 5– X R tv++ b- DI D++ G+ e
h!>h-- r>r+++ y+

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