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Re: radeon driver updates for mac laptops

Hi Alex,

Alex Deucher schrieb am Thu 04. Oct, 14:13 (-0400):
> On 10/4/07, Jörg Sommer <joerg@alea.gnuu.de> wrote:
> > Alex Deucher schrieb am Wed 03. Oct, 22:34 (-0400):
> > > Regarding the panel issue you mentioned, if you set option "MacModel"
> > > "ibook" does turning off the panel work properly?
> >
> > No. To illustrate what I mean with "becomes destroyed" I made some
> > images. http://www.minet.uni-jena.de/~joergs/ibook/
> >
> > The "damage" happens also when starting and stopping the X server while
> > the external monitor is plugged in. If it's unplugged, the screen stays
> > black until the window manager comes up.
> Does dpms off (xset dpms --force off) work properly on LVDS or does it
> do the same thing?

It does the same thing. The screen gets bright (it looks like backlight
level 100%) and then the colors fade away. The sam happens before suspend
to ram.

Bye, Jörg.
> Ich kenn mich mit OpenBSD kaum aus, was sind denn da so die
> Vorteile gegenueber Linux und iptables?
Der Fuchsschwanzeffekt ist größer. :->
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