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Correct Linux Kernel for Sonnet G4 in PowerMac 7500 with Sarge?

Hello, all!

I just upgraded my old Power Macintosh 7500 to have a Sonnet Crescendo/PCI G4 
Processor Upgrade Card. The Mac was a dual boot Mac OS 8.6 / Debian Linux "Sarge" box. 
The guy who installed the upgrade card had to run an installer off a floppy for Mac OS and 
there is a Sonnet Extension in the Extensions folder. Mac OS runs spiffy.

The problem is Debian won't boot at all; I just get a black screen. I have BootX set up to load 
a 2.6.8 kernel (overwrote the exact name of the kernel); I'm guessing that the kernel is the 
problem. It probably only works for a 601 processor.

I had the guy throw out the 601 processor, so going back temporarily isn't an option. I am 
having a devil of a time getting the Old World Mac booted to use the Etch Install CD. (I am 
really interested in upgrading to Etch. There is nothing on the Linux parition I care about 
saving.) Floppy booting doesn't work, probably because of the Sonnet Extension. Etch 
doesn't include Ramdisk/Kernel images to use with BootX.

>From my previous posting on 10/29/2006, it appears that people have had success booting 
into Sarge with a Sonnet card. So, if someone would post with a kernel that allows me to boot 
into Sarge with the Sonnet card and from where to download the kernel, I should be able to 
handle upgrading to Etch by myself at that point.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Jeffrey Rolland

"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit; crime does NOT pay! The Shadow knows!"
   - _The Shadow_

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