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Re: PReP booting

Sven Luther wrote:
On Wed, Aug 15, 2007 at 07:21:20PM +0200, Hermann Kaiser wrote:
On Aug 15, 2007, at 4:19 PM, Greg Trigg wrote:

Which RS6000 model is this ? a PReP one or a CHRP one ?

It is a 44P-170.  I'm 90% positive it's a PReP model.  It's power3.
A 7044P170 is definitely a CHRP machine. Power3 is 64 Bit and all of  
them are CHRP.
Indeed, its a chrp powerpc64, and the -powerpc64 kernels should work on
them, as well as the powerpc64 installer flavour.

I guess the kernel had a problem in etch on this hardware, did you try
it out ? Did you file a bug report ? 
When I left home to go to work today, I was compiling a kernel, that hopefully has only a few minor adjustments to it.  I removed a few things that were Mac specific, but included the driver sym53c8xx in the kernel instead of being a module.  Hopefully it has compiled with no errors and I can make a vmlinuz out of it that will boot all the way up.  If this works, then I'll file a bug report.  It shouldn't take too much to include that for all IBM s should it?  Perhaps just for Power3?  I don't know if Power4s have scsi hard drives or not.

I noticed some specific things the other day.  It's not enough to say scsi driver because the Sarge cd I used included a scsi module that when loaded, prevented the sym53c8xx module from working.  I had to modprobe sym53c8xx first, then sd_mod.  sd_mod apparently took care of loading the scsi module in the right order.  If it's loaded out of order, the discs aren't accessible.

I've finally taken steps to make it easier to recover from a failed reboot.  I've set up an ftp server on my PC and put all the files I need to chroot back into the scsi hard drive where I have Etch.  I shortened all the names so that they aren't 50 characters long.  Not to mention that I can't rely on those files being on the internet forever.

If I manage to get a working kernel, I'll probably try to host it on the internet somewhere.  I could put it on a torrent or something.

Well, back to work,
Greg Trigg

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