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Help with installing Debian on G3 Powermac (B&W)

hi folks

can someone help me out, ive been using debain on my NSLU2 for a while
and decided to dig my mac back out the attic and use it as a low cost
webserver and so wanted to run Debain rather than doing everything in

I went through all the installation as ive done on other Debain
Platforms i partitions the 9 GB SCSI as Follows

840KB Bootstamp (apple)
1.1MB /Boot
1GB /swap
7.4GB /

(im not sure of the number as i dont have them on me)\

However everything went through and no errors where flagged up on the
install, the system then rebooted and ejected the CD

When the system reboots it first sits with the ? folder flashing then
finds the hard drive. As soon as it finds the HD the system flashed a
boot screen then floods the screen with exception codes or something
and just sits there doing this and wont boot the OS

Im not sure as to what is going on, or if i should have upgraded some
firmware or something to get linux to boot

I installed the latest echo version



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