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Re: Which kernel is good for my Powerbook G3?

On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 08:55:33AM +0200, bibinix@gmx.net wrote:
> Thanks for the useful information. It is the first time I got such a detailed and nice answer in a newsgroup. I will try to put (as soon as my wife goes in holyday) your suggestion into practice, I hope I will do good use of them.
> I am planning to upgrade to sarge and install xfce on the machine, since is a computer I do not use anymore I can play around as much as I want without fear of loosing data. 
> Yes Brian, maybe …one day …I will do my first kernel compilation…(I forgot to say that I am a newbie, but you may have guessed).
> Do you think that the x-window-system and xfce can fit into a 1.3 Giga? (this is what is left in my pbg3 and I do not want to erase the Mac OS 8.6 partition since I am attached to it and also I don’t want to go back an do pdisk and so on since I remember it was really complex). I see that xubuntu need 1.5 Gb of disk space!
It might be ok. I have currently a bit under 3GB used on my efika
machine, which has 650MB in /home, and has in addition of xfce, apache,
postgresql and asterisk, 3 full compiler suites, and a bunch of
libraries installed. So, i am unsure if you can go down to 1.3GB or not.

Maybe you should just install a base system first, and then install xfce
by hand ?

Also remember to count some disk space for swap space.


Sven Luther

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