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Re: Which kernel is good for my Powerbook G3?


like Sven says don't forget to copy your new
kernel back to macos partition so bootx can find it !

also take care you have security update in your
sources.list and then you should get the last kernel
of sarge which is 2.6.8-3 powerpc.

I think you are safe upgradeing from woody to sarge,
if you are thinking to go further upgrades to etch and
beyond it will probably be ok. but it may be a bit
slower, maybe sometimes. Also depends on how much
memory you have there as more is getting to need
all the time.

In fact that is the biggest difference to me.
some old version of linux i picked up for starters
on my old g3 that was from '99 it gave me the whole
of kde for 32MB of RAM and 500MB of disk. today need
I estimate 256 RAM for kde maybe ?? Anyway i just use
an lightweight window manager such as openbox. 

I have two g3 one is a desktop of march 1998 and one
is original g3 powerbook of November 1997. the
powerbook did fine with stock kernel up until
pre-release of etch and is now running lenny/sid with
a local kernel built...

I have tested etch kernels on my desktop g3 and could
use the stock ones there, and i imagine it would be
same for you but I cannot guarantee. well I think
that the one wallstreet with more problems was a
233mhz. What you have maybe is also called PDQ --
should be ok if you have RAM. I would reccommend at
least 128, but it does vary a lot depends on what you
do. you can boot with probably 32 but like I say above
for kde you probably want 256.

also if you wish to practice build your own kernel
anyway it is not that hard and it may be faster and
use less RAM. it takes about 3 hours to build on mine.

Well my pbg3 has 160 and I haveing no desire for kde
can pretty much do what I like. on the dtg3 with 192,
macosX is running short by about half so i need to
either finish my debian updgrade or get more RAM.

well good luck, 


--- bibinix@gmx.net wrote:

> I have installed Debian Woody on my powerfull
> PowerBook G3 266 Mhz (the black model without USB
> ports, I think its called WallStreet) I was doing a
> distro-upgrade with apt-get when the process
> signalised that I have to upgrade also the kernel (I
> have the version 2.4).
> The command :
> apt-cache search kernel
> give me the following result:
> kernel-image-2.6-power3 - linux 2.6 image on power3
> - transition package
> kernel-image-2.6-power3-smp - linux 2.6 image on
> power3 - transition package
> kernel-image-2.6-power4 - linux 2.6 image on
> power4/G5 - transition package
> kernel-image-2.6-power4-smp - linux 2.6 image on SMP
> power4/G5 - transition package
> kernel-image-2.6-powerpc - Linux 2.6 image on
> powerpc-class - transition package
> kernel-image-2.6-powerpc-smp - Linux 2.6 image on
> powerpc-smp-class - transition package
> kernel-image-power3 - linux image on power3 -
> transition package
> kernel-image-power3-smp - linux image on power3 -
> transition package
> kernel-image-power4 - linux image on power4/G5 -
> transition package
> kernel-image-power4-smp - linux image on power4/G5 -
> transition package
> kernel-image-powerpc - Linux image on powerpc-class
> - transition package
> kernel-image-powerpc-smp - Linux image on
> powerpc-smp-class - transition package
> Which is the good one for me?
> No one can give me some hints on the process of
> kernel upgrade?  How does it work?
> Upgrade the kernel with apt-get (?)
> Reboot on woody
> Apt-get distro-upgrade.
> It looks like to simpleâ?¦will I be able to reboot
> after the kernel installation (I use BootX)?.
> Thanks
> Paolo
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