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Re: ibook g4 modem

Simon Valiquette wrote:
>   Actually, the real problem is that It is a soft modem or something
> like that (just like a WinModem) for which we don't have the specs.  But
> LinuxAnt is selling a driver for 20$ and is also providing another,
> slower one, for free.

I don't think this driver will work with the modem in my iBook G4. But I
don't know which model the OP has.

The driver is for modems based on the Connexant chip. My old iBook G3 had
a modem which should work with this driver.

At the time when I needed the driver it did not work. I filed a bug report
and about one year later (!) they sent me a mail that the bug has now been
fixed. But then I had no more use for it, so I never got it working.

The iBook G4 seems to have a Motorola chip modem, which is connected to
this "I2S"-bus. So it does not even have a PCI or USB ID to identify it.

cu, Magnus

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