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Re: ibook g4 modem

Magnus Rosenbaum un jour écrivit:
Typhoon wrote:
Using the Gnome Networking application under Administration, it can't
autodetect any modem device. And setting the ttyXX devices by hand does
no good.

I have a iBook G4 12" 1,33GHz (mid 2005), I don't know which model you
exacly have. AFAIK the modem is not usable from Linux and it is not a
serial device.

Actually, the real problem is that It is a soft modem or something like that (just like a WinModem) for which we don't have the specs. But LinuxAnt is selling a driver for 20$ and is also providing another, slower one, for free.

Don't complain to them: at least they did provide a working driver while having only little hope for making any decent profit with the PPC plateform.


If you don't want to buy one, then you will have to download the driver and recompile It. It is the third driver if you start from the end.


I didn't compiled It recently, so I cannot confirm if It still works. I remember that It did works with YellowDog, but I didn't used this distribution for a while.

Simon Valiquette

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