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Re: open firmware and my etch boot

Hi xavier, I think I want to check if my open firmware is correct first. I was able to run yabootconfig following your directions. I guess I just need to know whether or not I can rule out that it is a mis configuration of open firmware or yaboot, before I start messing around, can you help? Thanks.

xavier grave wrote:
Le mardi 12 juin 2007 à 09:52 -0400, Eric Benoit a écrit :
I have a Apple G4 server model M5183. I've install Etch without a problem, however when I get to second stage boot... it freezes or hangs then the monitor turns black.

my boot-device for open firmware(3)is:
boot-device /pci/ATTO,ExpressPCIProUL3d@15/@0:11,\\:tbxi hd:,\\:tbxi

I believe 11 is the partition linux / is on.

help would be fantastic! ...and thank you.


First you should reboot with your install CD.
As soon as possible : execute a shell
in in mount your / partition on /target for example.
Then :
# chroot /target
# mount /proc
# mount -a
# yabootconfig
# umount -a
# umout /proc
# exit
# umount /target
This procedure should able you to play with yaboot in order to find
where the problem can be...

Hope it will help.


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