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Re: Strange install behaviour


i think you should be installing only the base system
from your internal cd-rom. then after booting into
that system, you add the dvd to your sources with
apt-cdrom (or apt-dvdrom or some option to apt-cdrom
you must check yourself as your own set up i don't
have such)

you don't mount the dvd, it must be unmounted when you
add it. 

then you run apt-get update. then run aptitude and
install desktop function if you like. it may give
you gnome, if you want something else kde or gnustep
you may have to install individually.

aptitude keeps its own list of packages and
information. when you go to install then it asks you
to put in a  cd/dvd and press enter... (you still
don't need it mounted and it could still confuse
if you do. So i would not advise it)

there are two or three stages to install. for you i
think three, you must be at the final stage to use
your dvd. you probably must still use the cd for
stage 2. but if you only do the base install it should
be trivial.


--- Wolfgang Hlawatsch <hlwo@arcor.de> wrote:

> I had recently the problem of installing Debian
> 3.1r4 with
> DVD using an external DVD firewire drive. Brian
> (tortoise) gave me some 
> valuable hints.
> The internal CD of my computer cannot read the
> DVD-R. Booting did not 
> work from the external firewire DVD-writer. So, I
> used a CD image to 
> install a base system, and continue using the DVDs
> from the external drive.
> Finally, after I mounted the external drive as
> /dev/scd0, mountpoint 
> /cdrom I could access this drive. Possibly the
> mountpoint /cdrom is 
> advised since the program "base-config" uses this
> path for CD-install as 
> default.
> I use DVD as source since I have no flatrate next to
> this Powerpc (Apple 
> Cube, 800MHz), and don't want to be a disk-jockey
> during installation 
> (with CDs).
> Now the problem:
> When using "base-config" I experienced a strange
> behaviour: After I 
> chose the configuration I was asked to insert the
> specific disk, then 
> press "Enter". Only pressing the enter-button was
> without effect. I 
> opened another terminal (alt-F2), gave the command
> "mount/cdrom", then 
> changed back to the installing teminal, and the DVD
> was accessed!
> Very embarassing is that I chose Desktop (ticked the
> box), and what was 
> installed was print-server and mail-server!?!?
> I tried several times, but the dektop environment
> was not installed, at 
> least the corresponding box was not ticked when I 
> re-started Base-config.
> I suggest that after installing desktop environment
> with base-config the 
> desktop should be started on the computer.
> Is there a different (automatic) procedure to
> install the desktop?
> Wolfgang
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