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Re: performa 6400/200 - installation doesn't recognize cdrom

--- Simon Vallet <debian-ppc_user@castalie.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Sun, 21 Jan 2007 11:59:11 -0800 (PST)
> "Mr. Jan Hearthstone" <hearthstone11@yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > Are there any people who successfully installed
> Debian
> > on 6400/200? 
it might be relevant to reference the specific version
of "Debian" here. i had 3.1/Sarge going ok on my
powerbook3400/180 (same cpu=ppc603ev as 6400) but
troubles with (pre-release, still) 4.0/Etch.

fyi of the novice, one could show the output of

"uname -a" or some portion of "dmesg" output as
reference to what specific version you are running

> I did, some time ago, though, and on a 180MHz model,
> but it shouldn't
> be that much different.
> > I finally succeeded in booting using miboot
> floppies
> > (no other kind worked), the drivers copy well,
> it'd
> > seem, but the cdrom doesn't get recognized.
> I had to use miboot floppies too at that time, and
> AFAIR the CDROM is a
> SCSI model. It should be supported out of the box...

this could also be verified via dmesg. both the 
exact type ata vs scsi and whether the system sees it.

i take this means you did not install yet you are
just booting in the installer and can't install since
you can't see the cd ? so you would use shell menu
option in the installer or option-F2 to go into
command mode where you can check uname, dmesg. you may
have to copy output by hand or take a picture with
a camera of the screen.
> > Is there any particular cdrom I should download
> that
> > would work?

for the time being then i would reccommend sarge/3.1
the first two cds.

i heard some people said they could use the woody
installer kernel/ramdisk pair to install sarge. 

you have any macos on there that you verify your
cd drive works as well as your machine can read
the cd on the mac side ? 
> > I cannot use net install, as I have only a phone
> > jack--how hard would it be to get it replaced with
> an
> > ethernet card? What should I get to replace the
> phone
> > jack?
> Those models have a special "ComSlotII" used to
> plug-in a modem (what
> you currently have) or an Ethernet adapter. If you
> want to use this
> slot, you'll need a special Ethernet card for it
> (and those probably
> only exist in 10Mb/s versions), which you probably
> can find on Ebay or
> similar. My advice would be to use a regular PCI
> Slot and a common (PC)
> Ethernet adapter.
> HTH,
> Simon
i have a pci ethernet adapter card made by kingston
that does 10/100 mbs and is compatible with mac os
8.6-9.2 and debian sarge/etch, but not with macosx.
i found on a local swap list. can also find mac
compatible e/net cards on ebay, for like $15.

but not all cards work, i think. mine uses the tulip
driver in debian.

hope this is some help


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