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Re: synaptics issues while typing

At Sun, 28 Jan 2007 16:50:03 +0000,
Ananda Samaddar wrote:
> Forgot to mention, I also commented out the section for the
> synaptics input device in xorg.conf but the touchpad was still
> enabled.  The mouse is on /dev/psaux.  Is there any way to disable
> this device?

If I'm not mistaken, the touchpad on the iBook G3 700Mhz, is not a
synaptics touchpad.  I used to have such an iBook (the 800Mhz model)
and I remember you could configure the trackpad through pbbuttonsd.
Do you already use pbbuttonsd?  If you look at the configuration
options with "man pbbuttonsd.conf", you'll see you can use it to
configure the trackpad settings to "drag, notap, tap, lock".  I think
I always set it to "notap".  This means you will not have any
accidental "clicks", but you are still able to move the mouse pointer.
Does that solve your problem?

I believe you could also look at "mouseemu", but I've never used that
myself.  "mouseemu" provides an option to avoid accidental tapping on
the touchpad while typing. (pbbutonsd provides that option also, but
it is not always stable)

I don't know how to completely disable the trackpad though.

Kind regards,

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