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synaptics issues while typing

Hello again everybody,

everything is working fine now but for one incredibly annoying thing - accidentally touching the touchpad while typing!  I've read up on it and tried two things in the 'synaptics section' of the xorg.conf file.

1. added: "SHMConfig"  "on".  Syndaemon still said that shared memory was unavailabel.

2. added "TouchpadOff" "1" , as I hate touchpads in general and always use an external mouse.  The touchpad was still enabled.

Obviously I restarted X after each change.  My machine is an iBook G3 700MHz, 12" model.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is there a kernel option to disable synaptics?  I know how to re-compile and install kernels, so this is not a problem.



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